Preorder Wi-fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi Enabled Controller Now Available

Changing the way VFCs think 

Our newly-designed control board has completely revolutionized vertical fan coil (VFC) units. Unilux VFC’s new control board is installed right in VFC and is capable of securely connecting to most wireless routers – allowing us to re-imagine how residents interact with their heating, cooling and ventilation system.

Residents now have total control of their HVAC system using our Apple and Android-compatible smartphone app, as well as through a browser interface. Changing the temperature, switching modes, adjusting programs and more just became easier!

Comfort Control in Your Hands

Wifi Enabled Thermostat Interface on Mobile

Mobile – Our mobile app is easy to use and let’s you control your vertical fan coil on the go or
on your couch. The home screen shows you everything you need to know about your vertical
fan coil. Select the item you want to update from the home screen and make your change. You
can even view alerts and usage reports – helping you keep track of maintenance and energy

Another brand-new feature is VFCs can now send alerts and updates to residents.

Wifi Enabled Thermostat Interface_WebWeb – The web app provides all the same functionality as the mobile app on your computer. The large dashboard makes it easy to tell what mode the system is currently in. Simply click on the dashboard to update the mode, fan or temperature. No more fumbling around with

Drain-Pan Overflow Sensor

HVAC Drain Pan Overflow Sensor - Unilux VFC

Drain Pan Overflow Sensor

Save residents from costly repairs and living disruption.

Prevent water damage with a specially-installed sensor that alerts the VFC system when the drain pan is about to overflow, automatically turning off all water connections. Unit owners will be alerted to the issue on the thermostat and by email.

Anti-Freeze Sensor

HVAC Anti-freeze Sensor Unilux VFC

Anti-freeze Sensor

Avoid the risk of flood and freezing cold temperatures.

This anti-freeze sensor quickly detects when return air flowing through the access panel drops below 40°F. If this happens, the unit will turn off the cold-water connections and fan, and turn on the hot-water connection and auxiliary heater (if equipped with one). This prevents the risk of pipes freezing and bursting, causing flood damage.

Dirty Filter Sensor

Help remind unit owners to change their air filter.

Residents receive alerts through their Unilux VFC account when their air filter is due for a change. This reminder’s timeline can be customized, but it’s recommended it be set for every three months. Failure to regularly change air filters leads to poor indoor air quality, and increases the likelihood of units experiencing issues.