Integrated HRV/ERV

Unilux VFC’s patented integrated vertical fan coil system includes a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilator (ERV). This fulfills all heating, cooling and ventilation requirements in most building codes.

The integrated Unilux VFC system works with bathroom and other exhaust systems in the home to provide an all-encompassing solution for bringing fresh air into the suite and exhausting stale air. Our patented design incorporates multiple dampers and temperature sensors to prevent freezing when the outside temperature is low (a common issue with other HRV/ERV systems).

Integrated HRV

With an HRV, a heat transfer core uses inside air to heat or cool the incoming outside air, mot often transferring 60-70 percent of the energy to the fresh air. This results in less energy use and more rapid heating and cooling when the outside and inside air temperatures are significantly different. The new fresh air is then mixed and treated with your in-suite air.

Integrated ERV

Fan coils can be upgraded to use an ERV core. These cores assist in transferring heat and moisture from the inside exhausted air to the incoming outside air. This results in reducing the cost for moisture control and added comfort inside the home – especially during the dry winter months.

Our Quality Commitment

We take pride in designing and building the top-quality vertical fan coil units and integrated HRV/ERV systems available. We have a number of measures in place to ensure our customers experience long-lasting high-quality home comfort, including:

  • Being ETL Intertek approved for electrical safety standards on all units
  • Using trusted European suppliers for all valves and actuators
  • Working with some of the most-trusted suppliers in the industry for all components
  • Inspecting each unit as they are completed
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Constructed with galvanized steel lined with 1” fibreglass insulation backed with an aluminum protective coating. The duct diameter is 5” (127mm) and the drain connection is 3/8” (10mm).


Energy recovery core
– High latent transfer enthalpy.

Heat recovery core
– Washable polypropylene.

Motor & Blower Assembly

The integrated unit can be specified with one motor and blower assembly or with 2 motor and blower assemblies.

All blowers are single inlet centrifugal impeller types with forward-curved blades.

Choose from a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors or electronically commutated modulation (ECM) motors. These motors are IP-44 shielded-bearing, high-efficiency motors with internal thermal overload protection. Motors meet CSA and UL approvals. Electrical requirements – 115 vac, 60 hz, 155 watts.

Anti-Freeze Sensors

Unilux VFC’s patented integrated design includes high-speed temperature sensors that trigger a motorized spring return damper to isolate the core and introduce exhaust air to the unit. This ensures the core temperature remains above freezing (0°C / 32°F) to prevent the core from freezing and rendering the HRV/ERV inoperable.

U.S. Patent No. 8939826
CDN Patent No. 2746405


Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors with zero crossing phase control.

Electronically commutated modulation (ECM) motors using pulse with modulation.

Motor speed is controlled using a manual push button (+/-) or optional auxiliary controls. Timer switches are available with 20, 40 & 60-minute options.


The core comes with 2 washable foam filters included.