DX-Hybrid Vertical Fan Coil

Unilux vertical stacked fan coil units meet the requirements of UL 1995 / CSA22.2 #236 – Issue 2011 Standard for safety heating and cooling equipment.

Our hybrid vertical fan coil (VFC) is a great HVAC solution for any high-rise residence. Unilux VFC is the first to market with this new fan coil.

It works a bit differently than a traditional VFC. Heat is provided to the suite through a building-wide hot water system, which runs through the coil like a normal vertical fan coil. Cooling is provided by an eco-friendly refrigerant-charged evaporated-cooling coil paired with an external condensing unit. The condensing unit is typically located outside the suite on a balcony, which helps reduce noise in the suite.

The major benefits of this new system are year-round heating and cooling, less in-suite noise and reduced energy cost to the building.

Each hybrid VFC ships to the job site to spec and fully assembled using high-quality materials. The VFC cabinet is an insulated 18-guage satin-coat steel that contains the coil, fan, drain pan and everything else needed to provide long-lasting comfort.

Complete your unit with industry-leading accessories like our Wi-Fi enabled controller, HRV/ERV option, grilles & access panels.


  • 2-Pipe standard

Our Quality Commitment

We take pride in designing and building the top-quality vertical fan coil units available. We have a number of measures in place to ensure our customers experience long-lasting high-quality home comfort, including:

  • Being ETL Intertek approved for electrical safety standards on all units
  • Using trusted European suppliers for all valves and actuators
  • Working with some of the most-trusted suppliers in the industry for all components
  • Using North-American made coils and blowers designed specifically for Unilux VFC
  • Pressure testing all coils and assemblies for leaks with state-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Inspecting each unit as they are completed
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Dh-Hybrid cabinets are 18-gauge satin-coat steel. We fully-insulate the cabinet with ½-inch fiberglass bonded with a thermosetting resin and coat the airstream side with an acrylic facing – without the use of flammable adhesives. Insulation inside the unit is flame-spread rated no more than 25 and smoke developed rating no more than 50.

Our alternative cabinet material options include 18-gauge galvanized steel, 20-gauge galvanized steel or 20-gauge satin-coat steel. Choose to change the height from 84 inches to 80, 86 or 88 inches. To increase the height of the cabinet and to raise the bottom, add a 2, 4 or 6-inch riser.

A 6-inch x 3.25-inch fresh air opening with or without a manual-sliding balancing damper or with a motorized balance damper can also be included.

Water Coil Assembly

The water coil is made of 3/8-inch OD copper tubes with mechanically-bonded corrugated aluminum fins. The number of rows and circuiting are selected to suit specific scheduled capacities. The water coils are rated for a minimum working pressure of 300 psig (tested to 450 psig) and can handle heating up to 50,000 BTUH.

We can customize coils to meet project-specific design parameters or building operating requirements.

Evaporator Coil Assembly

The evaporator coil is r-410a AC compatible with a high-efficiency fin design with downflow drip shield molded into the drain pan. Coils are air pressure tested to 600 psi and come sealed with rubber plugs and charged with nitrogen. Copper refrigerant connections make for easy braising. The evaporator coil offers cooling up to 3 tonnes.

Fan Assembly

A thermally-protected, multi-speed ECM motor is resiliently mounted to a centrifugal fan which has a galvanized-steel forward-curved DWDI wheel in a painted housing.

Optional fans include ECM Endura (X13) constant-torque ECM fans or ECM EON constant-volume fans. The motors can be rated 115v, 208v or 277v.

Stainless Steel Drain Pan

Our drain pans are one-piece stainless-steel stamped products and positively sloped for positive drainage. They’re designed to never leak. The drain hose from the outlet to the condensate riser forms a running P-Trap. The underside of the drain pan is insulated with ½-inch thick thermal and sound insulation.

Hot Water Piping Branches

Piping branches are constructed with ½-inch type “L” copper. We use stainless steel braided flex hoses to allow the risers to expand and contract. We include shut-off ball valves with flare nuts in the supply and return branches for easy removal.


Supply and return risers are type “L” copper. Condensate risers are type “DWV” copper. All have 75mm (3 inch) deep expanded ends to facilitate field installation. Supply and return risers are insulated with 1-inch fiberglass covered with a vapor-barrier jacket, which complies with ASTM 84 for flame-spread and smoke-developed ratings. The insulation is continuous over the riser length within the height of the cabinet.

Optional riser configurations include type “M” copper for supply and return risers or type “M” copper for drain risers. Insulation options include insulating drain risers, changing the thickness to 3/8-inch, ½-inch, ¾-inch or 1-inch, or using closed-cell insulation.

Control Valve Package

Our standard is a factory-assembled 2-way control valve with flare nut connections to piping branches to facilitate easy removal without using a torch or pipe cutters. This includes motorized electrical “on/off” controlling. Control valves are piped normally-closed to the coil. We provide 3-way motorized valves on top of each riser if the main supply is on ground level or on the bottom if the main supply is on the top level. Maximum entering water temperature on the control valve shall be 200°F and maximum operating pressure shall be 300 psig.

Alternative control options include 2-way and 3-way motorized control valves with electronic fail-safes, automatic balancing valve installed inside VFC, modulating control valve instead of on/off 2-position control valve, BTU thermal meter and thermal sensors installed inside the VFC, or a pressure independent control valve.

Access Panel

Access panels are constructed of 20-gauge steel complete with a durable, baked enamel-powder finish. The return air opening grille with fixed horizontal louvers is integrated in the construction. The panel is hinged for opening and removable to make maintenance easy.

Grilles and Registers

Double deflection supply grilles and registers have adjustable vertical and/or horizontal louvers. Registers are constructed with light-gauge metal complete with adjustable opposed blade dampers.

Optional register equipment includes aluminum supply air grilles, return air grilles and access panel, or supply air grilles with integrated manual-adjustable balancing damper.

Control Arrangement

Complete with an unfused disconnect switch in compliance with the electrical load. We include a 24v thermostat featuring digital display, 3-speed fan switch. The system controls the different options of sequence of operation for the cycling of motorized valves, fan, and heating element. Our state-of-the-art on-board microprocessor controls the system operation. The wall-pad thermostat includes full 7-day programming.

Our Unilux VFC Wi-Fi enabled controller is available.

Air-to-Air AC Unit

A compact, external air-to-air air conditioning unit to be supplied by others.


A 1-inch disposable filter is included with the return air grille.

Optional filters include 1-inch pleated MERV-8 filter, 1-inch pleated MERV-11 filter or 1-inch pleated MERV-13 filter.

Water Prevention Sensors

We factory install a drain-pan overflow sensor that detects rising water levels in the drain pan and turns off the unit to prevent flooding.

We also include an anti-freeze temperature sensor that activates hot water connections when return air is below 4°C (40°F) to prevent freezing and flooding.

An audible alarm sounds if the unit enters protection mode.