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Unilux is proud to announce Plasma Air Model PA600, a bipolar ionization technology that improves indoor air quality in residential suites and commercial spaces. 

Property owners and residents will enjoy significantly improved indoor air quality by neutralizing airborne contaminants including:

Plasma Air reduces contaminates and airborne viruses by 99% in only 10 minutes. Read about the recent study proving the effectiveness of the device here.

Key Benefits For Residents

  • Plasma Air is an efficient, reliable solution for property owners by neutralizing contaminants moving through the HVAC, fan coil and heat pump equipment.
  • Unit requires little maintenance, cleaning twice a year is sufficient.
  • Easy to mount and assemble.
  • Fast, efficient air filtration. Plasma Air reduces 99% of airborne viruses in only 10 minutes.
  • Compatible with all Unilux fan coil and heat pump products.
An illustration of Unilux VFC's HRV/ERV unit for heat pump and fan coil units showing the inner mechanism and how it manages the air intake throughout the unit

Turn your heat pump or fan coil equipment into an air purifier!

Get in touch with us today for more information about Plasma Air 600.

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