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Add a humidification system to your Fan Coil.

Unilux VFC is proud to announce humidification systems for new construction Fan Coil systems. The humidifier is built directly into the cabinet to save space in the suite. It attaches to the central clean water system with programmable settings making it easier than ever for you to enjoy improved air quality and optimal comfort.

The humidification system uses a nebulizer with a 3 head atomizer. It modulates every 5 minutes to provide a continuous amount of humidity in the suite. Fresh, balanced and properly humidified air is necessary for both comfort and good health. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a humidity level of about 30%-50%.

Humidity helps prevent dryness in the air that can cause irritation to the skin, throat, nose and lips. Humidifiers can help relieve sinus problems, dry throat, nosebleeds, hay fever and runny nose. Humidifiers also help improve breathing and ease asthma related symptoms. Dry air can constrict passages in the lungs, while air that is too humid increases the risk of phlegm and congestion.

Using a humidifier provides more comfort and ease of breathing, which is thought to help minimize the number of asthma related symptoms, which can lower the frequency of attacks. Individuals suffering from rheumatic conditions, like arthritis, also benefit from humidifiers since flare-ups happen more often in colder months when the air is dry. Adding the correct level of moisture back into the air has been linked to reducing the overall level of inflammation in the body.

How humidification systems work

The system uses atomized water to add moisture into the air of the suite. The humidifier control is connected to the thermostat, which regulates the humidity levels in the air passing into the suite maintaining a constant humidity amount based on the level set by the user. This process makes it easy for you to set and maintain a level that satisfies your individual comfort and needs.

Together, the humidification system and the Fan Coil work together to provide the perfect balance of fresh air and humidity. Without proper fresh air flow and humidity control, micro-organisms, dust, and mould can build up in the heating and cooling unit. The humidifier uses fresh, reverse osmosis water since it is attached to the central water system. It automatically drains every 7 days to prevent organisms from developing.

Add humidification to your fan coil.

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