Fan Coil Solutions
For All Buildings

Vertical Fan Coils

Offer residents the best home comfort with individual zone control. Fan coils provide efficient and reliable hydronic heating and cooling for new construction high rise residential suites in condos, apartments, hotels and more.

Fan coils use a building-wide water system to run hot or cold water through a coil. The energy is transferred to a coil to circulate throughout the suite. We offer a variety of fan coil models to suit every application.

Fan Coils

Complete your building with horizontal fan coils. Using the same reliable fan coil technology, these sleek fan coils are designed to fit in small cavities in hallways, lobbies, amenity rooms and more.

At just over 18 inches tall, our high capacity horizontal fan coils are easy to hide and provide efficient and effective heating and cooling. View specifications and more information today.

*US Patent No. US-2020-0124311-A1

Fan Coils

Integrated fan coils have built-in energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) that bring in fresh outside air while exhausting stale inside air. Throughout the process, energy is exchanged to save heating or cooling the new incoming air.

New, Constant Fresh Air Flow Balancing technology* uses sensors and electronic motor controls to constantly adjust fresh and exhaust air flow to make sure they are in balance. This saves energy, reduces smell transfer and completely isolates suites from each other. Find out more today.

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