Building Wide Comfort Control

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Building Wide Comfort Control now available for new construction and high-rises!

Unilux VFC is proud to offer Building-Wide Comfort Control for new construction hotels, resorts, community housing, assisted living, campuses, rental apartment buildings and condos. This system allows owners and property managers to monitor energy costs with the click of a button.

It pairs with the Universe Thermostat app making it easy to manage and control the temperature and overall HVAC usage of the entire building in one convenient step. It’s never been easier to optimize comfort and monitor energy consumption.

How Building Wide Comfort Control Works

The Building-Wide Comfort Control system provides control of every thermostat in the building from one central, online interface. Building-Wide Comfort Control helps property managers save time, since employees do not have to physically monitor the temperature in each room and change heating and cooling settings by hand.

They can simply login, adjust the thermostats or set a schedule, so that heating or cooling is lowered, or shut off when no one is using the room. This provides optimum control for shared amenities, such as gyms, theatres, meeting rooms, suites, classrooms or shared communal spaces.

The overall temperature for each individual thermostat can be maintained and monitored directly through the Universe interface.

Overheating or cooling large, empty suites or rooms can result in costly overspending. The Building-Wide Comfort Control system helps save energy, since rooms are not being over heated or cooled when they are not in use, which helps save money since less energy is being wasted.

Advantages of Building Wide Comfort Control

The Building-Wide Comfort Control system is easy to use. The program allows owners and managers to see every thermostat in the building at a glance, in a simple display using the Universe app. The thermostats are connected to the Wi-Fi and registered to an account. Using the Universe Building-Wide Comfort Control, the thermostat devices can be grouped into a pool within the application, allowing building managers to instantly adjust the temperature and control the comfort level in every room.

You can change the settings on multiple thermostats at one time, making it fast and easy to edit and monitor the entire building’s heating and cooling settings.

It is the perfect pairing for New Construction high-rise buildings. The Universe Building-Wide System Management tool is hosted by Unilux VFC. We provide full support of the system as part of a license agreement.

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