About Us

Unilux VFC has been designing and manufacturing HVAC solutions for high-rise residential applications for almost 50 years. Unilux has a full range of vertical stack fan coil products which provide the most efficient, quiet and reliable heating and cooling for condominiums, apartments, hotels and retirement residences. Unilux products have been installed in over 400,000 homes and some have been in use continuously for over 40 years.

Vertical Fan Coils allow each resident to individually control the comfort settings for their home. Unilux was the first in the industry to introduce a product with integrated energy recovery, where the energy from the existing indoor air of a residence is used to help cool or heat the incoming fresh air, resulting in up to 70% energy recovery.

Unilux recently introduced the first WiFi enabled controller for the high-rise residential marketplace. This allows all aspects of your home comfort system to be controlled from anywhere in the world through the Unilux app (accessible via the internet from your smart phone, tablet or computer).

Unilux is a privately owned manufacturer located in the Greater Toronto Area, providing leading edge, highly reliable HVAC solutions throughout North America.