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Upgrade Your Thermostat with Wifi Capabilities
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wifi enabled controller
Innovation = Energy Savings Unilux VFC leads the industry by being the first to offer energy recovery inside a vertical fan coil unit. Up to 70% of the energy from the air inside your home is recovered to aid in heating or cooling the incoming fresh air. Lower cost and better air quality in one package.
70% Energy Savings

Control your heating, cooling and ventilation settings from anywhere in the world, anytime.

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The Internet of Things
High-rise residential HVAC systems couldn’t be controlled remotely, until now. Our state-of-the-art on-board processor allows you to monitor and control your heating, cooling and ventilation through our easy-to-use app, Universe. Access your Universe through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Unilux VFC continues to lead the way for innovative, energy-saving solutions for today and the technology of the future.
New Construction or Retrofit We have a full-featured HVAC solution for you. All of our fan coils include a state-of-the-art on-board processor which enables optional Wi-Fi control systems. Outfit your entire development with Unilux VFC horizontal and vertical fan coils (verticals available in 2 and 4-pipe configurations). All fan coils feature stainless-steel drain pans and ECM motors for quiet and efficient heating, cooling and ventilation.
Built To Perform
Unilux VFC has been providing HVAC products for the high-rise market for nearly 50 years. Products we built over 40 years ago are still in service, heating and cooling efficiently today. Built to perform. Built to last.
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