Innovation = Energy Savings
Unilux VFC leads the industry by being the first to offer energy recovery inside a vertical fan coil unit. Up to 70% of the energy from the air inside your home is recovered to aid in heating or cooling the incoming fresh air. Lower cost and better air quality in one package.


70% Energy Savngs

Control your Unilux heating and cooling settings from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Web Control Interface

The Internet of Things

Until now, high-rise residential HVAC systems could not be controlled remotely. Unilux’s onboard electronic processor allows you to monitor and control your heating and cooling system through our easy-to-use app, on your WiFi enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. Unilux VFC leads the way with innovative energy saving solutions for the new millennium.

New Construction or Retrofit
Whether for new construction or for retrofit applications – Unilux VFC has a full featured product that will meet your needs. All products include the most up to date microprocessor-based electronics including WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Unilux VFC products feature stainless steel drain pans, are available in 2- or 4-pipe configurations, and include the latest ecm motors to provide quiet efficient heating and cooling for many years.

Built To Perform

Unilux VFC has been providing HVAC products for the high-rise market for nearly 50 years. Products we built over 40 years ago are still in service, heating and cooling efficiently today. Built to perform. Built to last.

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