Now available on all Unilux VFC products
Touchscreen, hands free and remote control of your Unilux HVAC.
Plasma Air 600
Add Plasma Air 600 to your Unilux HVAC unit to provide constant air purification.

HVAC Solutions
For All High Rises

Unilux is a brand you can trust for efficiency and durability. Our fan coil products are built to last and deliver efficient heating, cooling and ventilation. You can learn more about our varied, innovative, state-of-the-art fan coil and heat pump offerings here.

Now Available
On All Unilux Products

The Universe Thermostat is the most advanced fan coil controller on the market and has all the features homeowners are seeking – Wifi, Google Home and Alexa compatible, touchscreen for ease of use.

Our Universe App provides remote control, usage data and will send alerts if there are any issues with your HVAC unit.

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Your Comfort Is Our Business

Unilux now boasts a full range of in-suite HVAC solutions for the entire life of your high-rise residential home.

Our sister companies offer water source heat pump and hybrid products and retrofit fan coil products and installation services.

Setting A New Standard
For High Rise HVAC

Built-in air purification & improved air quality

Plasma-Air and Unilux have joined forces to deliver air purification built into your Unilux fan coil.

More than a breath of fresh air

Constant fresh air balancing

Unilux was the first to introduce to fan coils integrated fresh air intake exchangers with energy recovery. Now we lead the way with Constant Fresh Air Flow Balancing

We use sensors and electronic motor controls to constantly adjust fresh and exhaust air flow ensuring they are in balance. Your comfort is our business.

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Unilux HVAC creates solutions for all high-rise HVAC applications. Find your ideal solution today.
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