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A warm welcome to the comfort and reliability of Unilux VFC. For close to forty years, Unilux has been manufacturing and servicing the industry’s most reliable vertical fan coil unit. Our ever improved, state of the art designs are demanded by today’s best developers, engineers and owners. Undeniably the most engineered heating and cooling unit provides the ultimate in on demand and steady state comfort all from a virtually invisible, silent system. Specifically designed to serve the condominium, hotel and residential high-rise and assisted living industries. Unilux units outperform and seemingly melt into the aesthetic décor of any space. Explore why Unilux VFC is the preferred choice of professionals throughout North America.


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About Our Products:

Features designed to make your life as comfortable as possible. Easy open access panels, filter, drainpan, solid state electronic thermostats are just a few of the many features Unilux offers as standard equipment.

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